About Us

In 1839, Mary Bumby took a chance. Instead of packing hats and a dainty tea set, she brought with her to New Zealand, two beehives. Madness, they said. Genius, we say. It might not have been the most obvious thing for a Victorian lady to bring, but nevertheless it worked out rather well for all of us who love honey. Because of her instincts and willingness to do things differently, today we have one of the world’s most celebrated honey - Mānuka Honey. It’s out of that adventurous spirit of innovation we created 1839, products from the hive.
We believe in curiosity and giving new ideas and techniques a go. We respect tradition, but we’re here to shake the Mānuka bush too. Because when you do, amazing things can happen. That’s why we were the first to triple churn Mānuka honey, giving it our signature silky smoothness; the first to introduce trust codes so you know you’re holding the genuine article; and the first to launch the honey pouch, which is transforming the way we enjoy honey. And we’re only getting started. Because we’re 1839, pioneers of fine honey.
  • Management team with combined knowledge of over 50 years
  • NZ’s top production facility
  • State of the art machinery
  • Certified to export anywhere in the world
At 1839 our whole team is committed to hand crafted perfection, innovation in our category and giving our consumers what they deserve.