Trust Codes

1839 Honey

Trust code = Trust us

  • Find my hive
  • Verify batch info
  • Counterfeiting warnings
  • Unique code on every jar
Simply download a QR code reader onto your mobile device and scan any of our 1839 product’s unique serialised code (serialised = 1 code per product/pack/jar, not 1 code per batch/region/year).
We print the code onto the label at the time of packing and link the data in realtime.
Once scanned you will be notified if the product is authentic, if the product is a fake you will see a warning instantly on screen. Through this system we share with you all of the products details like... Location, ingredients, interesting facts and figures and any scientific results we have completed to ensure you are as educated as we are.
Cloud based serialisation, proof of provenance and authenticity to help combat product fraud, engage with you and comply with regulatory requirements. The advanced algorithms and cryptography provide excellent protection against counterfeiters.

The algorithms identify suspicious activity to make it much harder for counterfeiters to sell fake product, and help arm us in the battle against product fraud. Our consumers want transparency about their food, beverage and consumer goods, our solution assures them about authenticity and also satisfies the demand for information about when and where product was grown, made or extracted.